I hold a PhD in English with a specialization in the Rhetoric & Writing and a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Graduate Certificate from Bowling Green State University (BSGU). I am a LEO Lecturer I  in the English Department Writing Program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. It was an honor to be recognized for my teaching by BGSU’s Center for Faculty Excellence.

My research interests include literacy studies, writing research methods and methodologies, composition theory, digital and cultural rhetorics, feminist theories and praxis, multimodal pedagogies,  space and place studies, and interdisciplinary learning.

My dissertation, “Practitioners of Earth: The Literacy Practices and Civic Rhetorics of Grassroots Cartographers and Writing Instructors,” establishes the political, material, and cultural significance of geographic maps within a rhetorical context. In the project, I argue that literacies utilized to create geographic maps advance the civic rhetorical work of communities underrepresented in public discourses. Specifically, I explore how grassroots cartographers make maps to change oppressive narratives and material realities of marginalized communities. I also explore how writing instructors teach geographic maps as a form of civic rhetorical pedagogy. The analysis of the data, conducted through interviews and textual analysis, is guided by feminist, teacher-research, and grounded theory methodologies. Results from the project show that technological, cultural, rhetorical, and composing practices inform complex infrastructures needed to complete civic rhetorical work. In the dissertation, I also develop civic learning objectives for the composition classroom.